Behind every successful business entrepreneur are people who go that extra mile because they care. I have been very fortunate to have a host of family and friends advising and supporting me through-out my business. They come up with ideas, they model for me, and they give their time and honest opinions and suggestions.

I am very lucky to have these women and men in my life helping in the success of Haralee.com Sleepwear.

These very gifted people come from all walks of life sharing their own unique expertise. Artists, Researchers, Sales, Marketing, Graphic Design, IT, Web Hosting, Photography, Designers, Business Acumen and Creatives are some of the talent that we draw upon constantly. They are the Driving Force, the Contributors, the Supporting Cast behind Haralee.com Sleepwear.


Who are these fabulous women, brave enough to model lingerie on the internet?

They are daughters, mothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends. They all have been touched by cancer. They are happy to model my wicking pajamas for night sweats, and menopause clothing showing women are beautiful at every age.

I am truly blessed to have these wonderful, beautiful women willing to work for nighties!

These wonderful women have taken time out of their very busy lives to help me with my business. They get a kick out of saying to their kids, teenage and grown children, friends and family that they are part time fashion models. They have modeled for me in print ads, live TV and of course on our web site and brochure.

Haralee Models - 2014