I am an experienced traveler, breast cancer survivor and entrepreneur. My company Haralee.Com sleepwear makes beautiful sleepwear for women who have night sweats and or travel. In this blog I muse about life and hope you will comment and join the conversation!


Ginger and Fred Duck

Springtime every year we have ducks that come into the neighborhood. They sit on top of roofs and make use of all the neighbors’ water features in their yards. Our next-door neighbor has had seemingly the same pair of ducks visit them for several years. They named them Fred and Ginger. Somehow Ginger was found…


I Don’t Believe in Karma

I don’t believe in Karma. There I said it! If Karma really worked, good people would live healthy long productive lives and those not, would not.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way! Don’t we all know some despicable humans that are either clueless of their personality or don’t care and live healthy and secure lives while…