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Dawn is an easy breezy comfortable nightshirt. Round U-neck with short sleeves to mid arm and rounded hem to hit right about knee length. Dawn comes in Courageous Pink. Summer or winter, this is the BEST moisture wicking breathable, night sweats nightgown for every woman!

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A new restful Dawn can be yours! Dawn IS  our best selling nightgown. It is an easy breezy comfortable nightshirt. Round U-neck with short sleeves to mid arm and rounded hem to hit right about knee length.

Dawn comes in Courageous Pink. Summer or winter, this is the BEST moisture wicking nightgown for every woman!


The fabric of Dawn is moisture wicking, breathable, fast drying, antibacterial, odor resistant, pilling resistant, super soft, has all day UVA and UVB sun protection and made with an environmentally friendly treatment. The worlds only naturally occurring anti-bacterial treatment,EPA certified and used by the US army for their field dressing bandages.This fabric does everything to make your night more restful and comfortable except tuck you in!

The perfect Night Sweats Nightgown for every woman! Only sizes Small and XL available!


Dawn is in a happy color, a pretty color, a feminine color and to those of us in the breast cancer world THE color of courage!


Do you just like pretty things? This is the nightgown for you! Buy a New Dawn in Courageous Pink today.

Remember that a portion of every sale is donated to breast cancer research. Haralee.Com Sleepwear is the #1 USA wicking sleepwear producer for women.

Interested in breast cancer?

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Small, 6-8

19 reviews for Night Sweats Nightgown – Dawn

  1. Judith M. (verified owner)

    Wonderful product and service

    • Haralee Weintraub

      Hi Judy, we really appreciate your kind words. Sincerely Cool, Haralee

  2. susan humphrey (verified owner)

    Returning Customer and as always Love the feel of my night gown it is so comfortable and feels so good not to have the night sweats …the quality of the products is so great and love to support a fellow Portland resident and a great business owner

  3. mary s. (verified owner)

    Great color and fit

    • Haralee Weintraub

      Thank-you Mary. Dawn is our Best sleeing nightgown. Glad you like it too!! Sincerely Cool, Haralee

  4. Sara Youngblood (verified owner)

    Very comfortable. Needs to come in more colors. Pink is a little see through.

    • Haralee Weintraub

      Thanks Sara for your comments. Dawn is our best selling nightgown for the last 3 years outselling Susan in Black that held that spot for 11 years! We really do make our production choices from our customer’s comments, so I really appreciate it. Sincerely Cool, Haralee

  5. chris falkenstein (verified owner)

    This is my favorite of the numerous Haralee night wear I have. My hubby gifts me with them thank heavens! All of them work fantastically, but I really love the fit and feel of this gown.

    • Haralee Weintraub

      Thank-you Chris for your review! Dawn is our best selling nightgown for all the reasons you list! We appreciate your business.Your husband is one smart guy! Sincerely Cool, Haralee

  6. nina (verified owner)

    So comfy and pretty

    • Haralee Weintraub

      Thanks Nina for your comments. Dawn is a favorite nightgown for many!! Sincerely Cool, Haralee

  7. Shannon H. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this nightgown. I have a drawer full of the Susan style which I started buying many years ago. I needed something with sleeves, so I ordered this Dawn style. I am in bed most of the time due to illness, which includes hot flashes and nightsweats, so nightgowns are my staple wardrobe. This gown is so comfortable that I now have 4 of them in addition to all my black Susan style gowns. If there were more colors, I’d buy them. No mater what color they are, they feel so comfortable that I don’t care about the color. These are the most comfortable gowns I’ve ever worn.

    • Haralee Weintraub

      Thank-you Shannon for being such a loyal customer! I appreciate your review, taking the time to write your opinions means a lot to all of us! Sincerely Cool, Haralee

  8. Shannon H. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this gown! It’s so silky and smooth, and helps wick night sweats. I wish it came in a different color or two, because I don’t like pink at all. I shied away from ordering one for a long time because of the color. It says a lot about how much I love this gown that I am going to order another pink one. I am a huge fan of Haralee nightgowns, I’ve been wearing them for many years and I’ve never found anything else as good.

    • Haralee Weintraub

      Thank-you Shannon for your kind words and your loyalty to our sleepwear line in the face of a ‘pink’ dislike! I really appreciate it! Dawn is our most popular style of nightgown. It is our signature gown for our support to breast cancer research, our charitable component for the company. Sincerely Cool, Haralee

  9. Leslie A (verified owner)

    This is my second nightgown from Haralee. It is so comfortable to sleep in and has significantly cut down on nightsweats waking me. Worth it!

    • Haralee Weintraub

      Thank-you Leslie for your review. We are so happy you are getting a better night’s sleep! Sincerely Cool, Haralee

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best wicking gown I’ve found so far. It is very comfortable to sleep in. I like it so much that I purchased another one.

    • Haralee Weintraub

      Thank-you! Dawn is our best selling nightgown for just the reasons you give. We appreciate your business and helping to spread the coolness. Sincerely Cool, Haralee

  11. Barbara Quartier (verified owner)

    Comfortable, soft, cool and easy to wash!

    • Haralee Weintraub

      Dawn is our best selling night gown. Glad you like it too! Sincerely Cool,

  12. Dawn Cohen (verified owner)

    Love the fabric, it really does what it says, and this gown is just the right amount of coverage for any season! I have a pair of the PJ’s also!

    • Haralee Weintraub

      Hi Dawn. We are so glad you love your namesake. The Dawn Nightgown is one of our best selling nightgowns because it is flattering, soft and looks great! We appreciate your time to write your review and share your thoughts! Sincerely Cool, Haralee

  13. Yvonne (verified owner)

    Love P/J’s and night gown so comfy, easy for travel.

    • Haralee Weintraub

      Thanks Yvonne! The Dawn nightgown is one of our best sellers every year. So glad you are enjoying them all. We appreciate your business.
      Sincerely Cool,

  14. Laurie (verified owner)

    This night shirt really keeps you cool and dry!!

    • Haralee Weintraub

      Thank-you Laurie. We are happy you are getting a better night’s sleep!

  15. Janet Aldis (verified owner)

    I bought this for my daughter in law don’t know yet so how can I grade

    • Haralee Weintraub

      I hope your DIL enjoys this gown. What a great gift and very generous of you! Let us know when you get her feedback. Thanks Janet.

  16. Joni

    I first must start by telling you what wonderful service I received. I called & spoke to Haralee herself. What a beautiful & wonderful person she is. She helped me choose the perfect size & style for me. That being said, my night gown & pj’s arrived in 2 days. This night gown is so very comfortable. It is a beautiful color. It is very cool. Exactly what I was looking for. I would highly recommend the quality of the nightgown & the exceptional service.

    • Haralee Weintraub

      Thanks Joni for your kind words. I am happy I picked up the phone and was able to help you! We ship the same or next day because no one likes to wait!

  17. Cathy Chester (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore this nightgown. Not only does it provide the moisture wicking (that helps exactly as promised) but the fabric is SO smooth and it looks lovely! I want to order more of them. Great job (again)!!!!

    • Haralee Weintraub

      Thank-you Cathy! Dawn is one of our best selling nightgowns for all the reasons you list. Really appreciate your comments

  18. Richard (verified owner)

    I purchased the “Dawn” nightgown as a gift for my wife and she loves it, especially in the summer. I had previously purchased your pajamas and she loves them as well when it is a little colder in the winter. She gets hot flashes and the sweats really bad. The material that these garments are made of really works to make her comfortable. By the way, I really like the way they feel on her as well. I guess I’ll be buying more.

    • Haralee Weintraub

      Richard you are a great husband. You saw a problem and sought a solution and now not only is your wife happy but so are you! We really like a win-win for everyone. Thank-you for commenting.

  19. Louise DelGandio

    Love this nightgown. It’s very comfortable and very generous in size.

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